Sunday, March 16, 2014

4 Guys in a Booth: Episode 8-6- The Best of Mike Tanzini

Our good friend Mike Tanzini has contributed more than his fair share to 4GB over the years, so we are taking an episode to honor his very best moments on the show. From Mike's trip to Buffalo to the "4GB Lottery", we cover it all, including the debut of his rap career. Also joining us is Mike's childhood friend Dan Amorese to share some of his favorite stories about Mike.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

4 Guys in a Booth: Episode 8-5- Porn Check!

We're dedicating this episode to talk about porn and our most embarrassing moments, including exposing our web browser history. We also debut the first ever 4GB Porn Check.

4 Guys in a Booth: Episode 8-4- We Ran Out of Words

On this episode, the hosts discuss their predications for this year's Oscar's and Chris Lewand from the Laker Zone joins the show. Things also get a little crazy by the end. You definitely need to listen.

4 Guys in a Booth: Episode 8-3- 4GB Olympics

All four hosts battle it out through several Olympic events such as trivia and freestyle rapping to become the first and only 4GB Olympic champion. ! Who gets the gold? Listen and find out.