Tuesday, July 23, 2013

4 Guys in a Booth: Season 6 Finale with Steve Granelli

On our final episode of our sixth season, we bring on Professor Steve Granelli to learn about his teaching career and his biggest pet peeves when it comes to teaching. It's an interview you don't want to miss! After Granelli leaves, the 4GB crew reflects on the best moments of the season.

4 Guys in a Booth: Episode 6-11

In this episode, the hosts discuss their experiences competing in the media pong tournament, whether or not salmon shorts are acceptable, Tanz's experience getting kicked out of an Oswego establishment, tips for guys on how to pick up a "wounded deer", and more!

4 Guys in a Booth: Episode 6-10

We at 4GB have won the Ozzie for best radio talk show! We celebrate our victory in this episode! In this episode, we also have story time with Tyler, the hosts ask Allen some interesting questions, and discuss how the 4GB crew has taken over the campus media organizations.

4 Guys in a Booth: Episode 6-9

In this episode, the hosts talk about their Ozzie nominations, reflect on a group text regarding the show which caused some fighting, a hilarious joke time with Tyler, and Sammy S. Smith returns. All this and more on this episode of 4GB!

4 Guys in a Booth: Episode 6-8

In this episode, the hosts interview Michael Keeley, the voice of the Oswego State Lakers hockey team for the past four years. We pay tribute to his college career and hear about his future aspirations. The hosts also discuss bathroom issues and unwritten rules in our society.

4 Guys in a Booth: Episode 6-7- Hunger Games Special

In this episode of 4 Guys in a Booth, we dedicate our episode to getting the inside scoop on the 2013 Hunger Games to Fight Hunger. The hosts interview both the event organizers and a few of the tributes competing.

4 Guys in a Booth: Episode 6-5

This episode of 4GB is all about food and boobs!  Join the hosts as they discuss all things food including memorable meals, food pet peeves, and even a few debates occur.  Later in the show, the SUNY Boobs craze on social media is also discussed.